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Computer Technology
Al Tahtawi
Youth in Egypt
Progress & Drugs


 The list of research:


a- Arabic Research


1- Youth in Egypt:

Talking about the youth in Egypt in the past & nowadays, especially their political role and activites.


2- Progress & Drugs:

Talking about drugs and its effect on nations' progress.


3- Refa3a Al-Tahtawi:

Talking about the famous Refa3a Al-Tahtawi and his role in our society as he is the  pioneer of its progress.


b- English research


1- Palestine:

What is the western view? What does the CNN say?

Answers are Here.


The Zionist Protocols

Do u know about them ? If not .. so u won't know them.


2- Evolution of Computer Technology:

Talking about the computers since the first generation till the state of the art.


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